From transactions
to conversations

We use artificial intelligence to transform invoices and dunning processes into a positive customer experience – interactive, intelligent, innovative.

Smart payment journey
in E-Commerce

Interactive invoices and AI-based dunning inspire the customers of online retailers like OTTO and bonprix

Digital receivables management for banks and financial service providers

Hanseatic Bank and VEXCASH achieve more customer loyalty through AI-based payment reminders

Digital power in dunning
with suppliers

Large energy companies like N-ERGIE and enercity digitize small-scale dunning procedures with AI-based technology

Digital payment journey for mobility companies

Intelligent reminders for international fines put car rental companies like Enterprise in the fast lane

Digital receivables management for insurance companies

Insurers such as R+V strengthen customer relations by means of smart reminders for initial and subsequent premiums

Intelligent payment solutions

Discover tailor-made solutions for your specific goals in receivables management: interactive, intelligent, innovative

Digitize now

Create a simple, digital payment experience with our AI-based software: for a higher success rate, more loyal customer relationships and lower costs.


Greater convenience for your customers, more cash flow for you

dunning process

Positive payment experience for your customers, higher realisation rate for you


The all-round carefree package, tailored to your goals

Artificial Intelligence
from the heart

of Hamburg

As an Intelligent Payment Solutions Provider, we are shaping the future of AI-based solutions for invoicing and dunning processes – together with (and for) our customers.

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