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04. January 2021

Working together for more digitization in the energy sector: cooperation between powercloud and collectAI

  • powercloud and collectAI launch a cooperation
  • Collaboration takes advantage of synergies in energy suppliers’ digital customer journey
  • Energy supply companies benefit from short onboarding processes and quick data exchange

(Hamburg/Offenburg, 01/04/2021) powercloud, the leading platform provider for energy suppliers, and the fintech company, collectAI, are launching a cooperation. By doing so, they are combining their expertise and offering new added value to energy suppliers. The goal of the cooperation is to digitize energy supplier processes in their entirety – end to end.

Many energy suppliers already handle all of their CRM and invoicing processes on the powercloud platform. Interactive invoices and smart payment reminders from the intelligent payment solution provider, collectAI, are ideal additions to the platform’s app portfolio, which already includes 80 different apps. From market communication to accounting, invoicing, CRM services or AI based claims management – collaboration between the companies takes advantage of synergies along the entire customer journey.

Cooperation centers around convenient, AI-supported processes

The companies are linked via an API connection. This allows for quick onboarding and easy data exchange. In the future, energy suppliers, which use the powercloud platform, will be able to benefit quickly and easily from AI-based smart payment reminders from collectAI.

The combination of extensive expertise in customer oriented claims management and fully automated CRM processes focuses on digitizing customer relationships. collectAI: “We are glad to be collaborating with powercloud. Our joint solution makes sense for energy supply companies that want to add an AI-based, customer-specific payment reminder system to their processes that are already digitized over powercloud.” Marco Beicht, founder and CEO of powercloud, adds: “Artificial intelligence is all the rage, and is integrated once again into powercloud with collectAI. Together, we have an all-new digital perspective of the complete customer journey. The energy industry and its customers, in particular, stand to benefit.”

About collectAI

collectAI is an intelligent payment solution provider. The Hamburg-based fintech company offers a software platform for interactive invoices and smart payment reminders. Modular or comprehensive digital communication channels are combined with a variety of payment methods, based on artificial intelligence. The smart technology is proven to improve collection of open claims, at a low cost.

In addition, collectAI optimizes the customer journeys of banks, energy supply companies, insurers, telecommunications companies, e-commerce and mobility companies and others with industry-specific, innovative features.


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