Florian Arrow

06. October 2020

New changelog for software updates: collectAI is constantly developing

Our latest release has been named after the mantis shrimp, which lives in the sea bed of tropical waters.

October: Mantis Shrimp Release

Friday, 2 October 2020

  • Attachments on landing pages
    Allows customers to view and download invoices and other documents from the payment page (API Docs)
  • Payment confirmation emails
    Customers receive confirmation emails after making their payments
  • Emails sent through AWS
    Sending emails through Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifies data privacy agreements
  • Analytics export
    Generates files containing daily updates on all unpaid invoices and customer interactions
  • Payment of individual items
    Allows customers to make payments for individual items and request this information via webhooks or use the API to mark items as paid, without stopping the dunning process (API Docs)
  • Item grouping
    Displays the unpaid items on the payment page in groups, i.e. by delivery address