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29. September 2021

Digitalization offensive in receivables management: collectAI adds four new modules to Intelligent Payment Platform

  • collectAI adds four new modules to its Intelligent Payment Platform: collectAI REACH, collectAI SEPA MANDATE, collectAI FEEDBACK and Automatic Intelligent Intent Recognition (AIIR).
  • AIIR reduces operational effort for answering customer queries
  • collectAI REACH significantly increases digital data quality
  • With collectAI SEPA MANDATE customers switch to direct debit payments
  • Customers evaluate the payment process with collectAI FEEDBACK

Hamburg, 29.09.2021 – Hamburg-based fintech collectAI is expanding the functionality of its Intelligent Payment Platform with four new modules. The innovative products optimally complement the “Interactive Invoice” and the “Intelligent Dunning”. All four modules support companies in the digitalization of receivables management.

The new modules help companies to meet customer needs in the best possible way. Companies can exploit the advantages of digital receivables management and the benefits of artificial intelligence even more efficiently with the new modules.

AIIR: quickly answer customer queries and reduce operational effort

The “Automatic Intelligent Intent Recognition (AIIR)” module automates service processes almost completely. AIIR recognizes the content of incoming service requests, classifies them using artificial intelligence, and derives related actions. For example, AIIR sends automatic responses, sorts incoming messages by team, pauses processes or creates to-do lists. The module enables fast responses to customers and reduces the operational effort in the customer center, as it only processes special requests on an individual basis.

Automatic Intent Recognition automates customer service.

collectAI REACH: significantly increasing digital data quality

With the “collectAI REACH” module for collecting digital contact data, companies can quickly and easily update the digital contact data of their customers: In a physical letter, email or SMS, customers are asked to provide your company with the individually missing digital contact data. On a landing page in the company’s branding, customers simply enter the missing e-mail address and/or mobile number in a corresponding dialog box. In this way, companies significantly increase their digital contact data quota and reliably start the digital receivables management process.

The start of a digital dialog with your customers saves paper and costs in the long term.

collectAI SEPA MANDATE: simply switch to direct debits

With the “collectAI SEPA MANDATE” module, customers can switch to direct debit payments. Directly on the payment page, customers are asked to give the company the mandate for future payments with just a few clicks. The advantage: direct debit mandates are the most convenient payment method for customers and are less likely to fail than other payment methods.

Significantly reduce dunning cases. After all, customers who pay outstanding amounts by direct debit rarely fall into arrears.

collectAI FEEDBACK: Knowing what customers think at all times

With the “collectAI FEEDBACK” module, customers share their experience of the payment process. Customers rate their payment experience after successful payment or after canceling the payment process. A scale or an optional free-text field is available for this purpose. The feedback is the basis for continuous improvements to the process.

More insights into the payment process help optimize the customer experience.

Modules support companies with digital receivables management

Sebastian Hoop, CEO of collectAI, sees the innovative modules as a tool to support companies in the digital transformation of their customer relationships: “We are a provider of a software solution that optimizes the processes in receivables management and invoicing end-to-end. The modules optimally complement the functionalities of our platform and raise completely new potentials for the digitalization of receivables management “.

About collectAI

collectAI is an Intelligent Payment Platform. Offering a software platform for Interactive Invoices and Intelligent Payment Reminders, collectAI applies Artificial Intelligence and combines various communication channels with a variety of payment methods.
collectAI’s smart technology has proven to maintain a balance between various collection goals and collection costs. In addition, the software revitalizes the experience of our client’s customers such as banks, utility companies, insurers, telcos, e-commerce, and mobility companies.