Tailored for your
receivables management

Fit for your receivables management, useful for your customers

The perfect add-on to the receivables management of the future: Expand our core modules intelligent dunning and interactive invoices with additional modules.

For example, you can increase the quality of your contact data or record direct debit mandates.

Enhance Digital Contact Data

Do you lack the basis for digital payment communication because you do not have the email addresses or mobile numbers of your customers? With the “collectAI Reach” feature, you can update the digital contact details quickly and easily: customers are asked to send you the missing digital contact details in a physical letter, email or SMS. On a landing page with your look and feel, customers simply enter the missing email address and / or mobile number in a corresponding dialog box – convenient, familiar, secure.

Entering a digital dialogue with your customers saves paper and costs in the long term.

Collect feedback from your customers

Is the satisfaction of your customers important to you? With the “collectAI Feedback” feature, you give your customers the opportunity to share their experience in the payment process. Customers rate their payment experience on a scale after successful payment or when the payment process is aborted. You will also receive qualitative feedback through an optional free text field.

In this way you can get a clear picture of the mood, identify optimization potential and benchmark your process with other companies.

Direct Debit Mandate

Broken lat letters are rare; self-payers or those who buy invoices pay significantly later. Why not just turn self-payers and billing customers into direct debit customers? With the “collectAI SEPA Mandate” feature, you give your customers the opportunity to switch to paying future amounts by direct debit. With just a few clicks, directly on the payment page and in your branding, customers are asked to give you the mandate for this. From now on, you can simply withdraw open amounts from your customers’ accounts.

In this way, you can significantly reduce your dunning cases, because: Customers who pay outstanding amounts by direct debit rarely fall into arrears.

Advanced Report

Would you like to have a particularly comprehensive insight into your dunning process? The “collectAI Advanced Report” feature contains all information on the cases we have processed – for each event, on a daily basis. From this detailed raw data, you will gain valuable knowledge in order to optimize your strategic and operational receivables management.

Bounce Report

The “collectAI Bounce Report” feature provides you with detailed information about payment reminders that could not be delivered. Strategic measures to optimize the quality of your customer contact data can then be derived from this.

Automatic Intent Recognition

Are you expecting a lot of customer inquiries about your digital dunning process and would like to relieve your service center? With the “Automatic Intent Recognition (AIR)” feature, you can almost completely automate your service processes. AIR recognizes the content of incoming service requests, classifies them using artificial intelligence and derives subsequent actions. For example, AIR sends automatic replies, sorts incoming messages by team, pauses processes or creates todo lists and your customers receive quick answers to your queries.

Reduce the high operational effort for customer inquiries in your customer center and only process individual special inquiries there.