Simple – flexible – secure:  individual onboarding to collectAI.

This could be your onboarding

collectAI is integrated simply into your existing processes, you hardly need any IT resources of your own. Tailored directly to your systems and needs, onboarding includes the following topics, for example:

Analysis of the current dunning process

In a kick-off meeting with all areas involved in the project, we create a common understanding of the project and define every step together. We also analyse your existing dunning process. The aim is to define a project scope and set up the new dunning process.

Definition of an individual dunning strategy

In line with your goals in the dunning process, we work with you to define an individual dunning strategy that ensures a smooth dunning process. In doing so, we jointly determine the content, the timing, the channels and the use of AI. At this point, we also transfer the look and feel of your brand to the new dunning process. In addition, it is possible to implement several scenarios. In this way, there is the option of finding out which dunning strategy best meets your dunning objectives.

Simple data exchange

You choose whether to transfer the data to collectAI via file import or API (Application Programming Interface).

Using file import, fast onboarding is possible even if no IT resources are available on your site. A file import is completely flexible in terms of file formats and structures.
When transferring data via API, your data is transferred in real time and automatically synchronised. You receive immediate feedback in case of errors and real-time updates.




Quick configuration

The collectAI software is adapted to your company and your individual dunning strategy. All desired functions, language options and feedback options are taken into account. In addition, collectAI stores your preferred payment methods and payment gateways.

Intensive testing

After you have accepted the general implementation, you can start testing. This allows you to ultimately check how your customer communication in dunning now looks. Test data is loaded into our system in a “dry run”. For example, we check how the data has been imported and processed in our system. Is the customer communication displayed correctly with the test data? How does payment and payment matching work in test mode? We also jointly examine the forwarding of incoming customer responses to your customer service. In this way, we ensure that you always have maximum transparency in your customer communication and that the extended customer journey works perfectly.

Monitoring & reporting for continuous success

Onboarding takes into account the feedback of information into your systems. In principle, we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide the raw data or integrate your web services.
The collectAI management portal can be used to import data, adapt templates for customer communication and control communication scenarios.

Smooth live operation

And now let’s go. In live operation you will be supported by your Account Manager. No matter what kind of request, status update or technical support: Your personal Account Manager will assist you with all questions in daily business.