Intelligent dunning process

Payment reminders strengthen customer relations: with AI-based reminders from collectAI.

Inspire customers
with intelligent reminders

Most customers who do not pay their bills have simply forgotten to do so. So why destroy customer loyalty with harsh wording. Digitize your dunning process and use AI-based payment reminders to remind your customers of outstanding amounts in your branding and corporate language.
In this way you enable your customers to pay quickly and easily.

Intelligent dunning process

In line with your dunning objectives, collectAI will work with you to define your individual dunning strategy. Always with an eye on the personal payment experience of your customers. In this way, you extend the customer journey beyond payment and the Customer Lifetime Value increases significantly.

Due date
AI-based dunning
with payment link
White label
payment page

Payment reminders are so easy with


Attention is a scarce commodity. In order to achieve the greatest possible interest from your customers, the artificial intelligence from collectAI software supports the selection of the optimum communication channel and the time of address.

In this way, you can reach your customers at the best moment on the channel they personally prefer.

Simply digital

Reminders via digital channels reach your customers immediately. Analogue letters can also be connected to the digital world via an NFC chip or QR code, offering the customer maximum payment convenience.

In this way you can modernise and digitalise your receivables management.

Individual payment page

Integrate payment links into your reminders. With just one click, your customers can go directly to the payment page with the look and feel of your brand. Extend the customer journey here and continue the brand experience that the customer already knows.

In this way, reminders make your customers happy and strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.

Convenient payment

Gone are the days when customers had to laboriously log into their bank account or meticulously write down their payment data. On your payment page, all the data is already there. Give your customers the opportunity to choose from several payment methods and to pay the outstanding amount quickly and easily.

In this way you increase your realisation rate and your liquidity increases.

Select the payment method


Already paid? The customer needs a duplicate invoice or wants to announce a payment? No problem – with the simple contact option, a wide variety of concerns can be clarified directly with your customer service team.

This way you can ensure that your customers can reach you at any time.

Simple monitoring and reporting

Paid amounts, collection rate and channel conversions: With the dashboard in the collectAI Management Portal you never miss any news and are always up-to-date. Make sure you always have a handle on everything and control your goals flexibly.

Customer benefits

brand experience
payment options


Individual dialogue

Customers receive payment reminders through their preferred channel, at the time that suits them best. In this way, reminders turn from monologue into dialogue.

Familiar brand experience

Trust is important when paying. Communication, link and payment page are designed in a familiar look and feel – just as the customer knows from advertising, purchase or contract conclusion.

Flexible payment options

No matter where, no matter when, no matter how – customers settle the outstanding amount with just one click. Maximum freedom, including in the choice of (payment) options.

Personal contact

Whether you have already paid, still have unanswered questions or a request for individual installment plans or deferrals: contacting us is quick and easy.

Your benefits

customer relation
collection rate


Good customer relations

collectAI’s intelligent dunning system puts the customer at the centre of attention thanks to individual communication. In this way, even those customers who receive reminders remain loyal: the Customer Lifetime Value increases and the customer journey is continued through a consistent brand experience.

Reducing costs

Save process, postage, personnel and interest costs. In addition, manual activities such as payment assignments are no longer necessary. You benefit at all times from the ongoing development of software and thus require fewer IT resources.

High realisation rate

With intelligent dunning you have fewer outstanding payments, and the realisation rate increases significantly. The willingness to pay by the so-called “Lazy Payer” is immediately activated by a friendly reminder. This leaves more time for the really difficult cases. This increases your liquidity while reducing your risk and the number of collection cases.

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