Your customers
will love to pay.

AI-based, interactive, sustainable.

Your communication has long been digital, but the basis for your payment processes is still the paper invoice? Why not modernise the most popular payment method in Germany and send your customers interactive invoices with an integrated payment link. This makes it quick and easy for your customers to settle an invoice.

Payment excellence with
interactive invoices

Purchase /
Contract conclusion
Interactive invoice
with payment link
White label
payment page
customer journey

Conveniently settle outstanding amounts – it’s that simple

Data transforms into invoices

collectAI creates an interactive invoice with a payment link from your data. Your customer receives this by email or text message. Now your customer becomes the active participant: with just one click.
Letters can also be connected to the digital world via an NFC chip or a QR code – try it out.

This way you actively increase a customer’s willingness to pay.

Interactive instead of static

When your customer clicks on the payment link, he or she is taken directly to the payment page with the look and feel of your brand following a security check. There, all the important information is already available. No more copying, checking and typing. This improves the customer and brand experience.

This is how you bind your customers in the long term.

Dynamic payment

On the payment page your customer decides which payment method he or she wants to use to settle the invoice. You determine the choice.
And even more service: with the Select&Pay feature, your customer only selects the items he or she wants to keep. The total is updated automatically.

Payment has never been easier.

Individual product recommendations

Your customer has just paid the bill for, say, a pair of trousers. Thanks to the smart software from collectAI, you can use the Success Page to target advertising for the right belt.

This is how you increase the Customer Lifetime Value.

Multi-flexible payment with Select&Pay

In e-commerce alone, more than 70 percent of customers buy on account. Until now, these customers have only been able to pay by bank transfer. To do so, they have to log in to their bank account, type in the invoice data and subtract returns manually. The consequences: late payments, unnecessary posting differences, annoyed customers.

The intuitive collectAI feature Select&Pay enables your customers to make multi-flexible payments with an interactive shopping cart. How does it work? On a payment page in your branding, e-commerce customers select only those items that they do not wish to return. The purchase price due changes automatically.  Customers can then choose the payment method that suits them best for the amount to be paid.

Customer benefits

Maximum convenience
Familiar brand experience
Multiple payment options
Personal contact


Maximum convenience

No more calculating and typing: Thanks to multi-flexible invoice amounts, customers settle their outstanding amounts quickly, digitally, interactively and flexibly.

Familiar brand experience

Trust is important when paying. The communication, link and payment page are designed in the familiar look and feel – just as the customer knows from advertising, purchase or the conclusion of contract.

Multiple payment options

Customers have a two-fold choice: Originally they chose to pay by invoice, they can now choose to pay the amount by credit card, PayPal or cash. Never before has the payment of an invoice been so tailored to the individual.

Personal contact

Whether you have already paid, still have unanswered questions or would like to have individual installment plans or deferrals: contacting us is quick and easy. 

The advantages of interactive invoicing

Cost reduction
Customer retention
High realisation rate


Cost reduction

With the interactive invoices from collectAI you save on process costs and increase efficiency. In addition, manual activities and postage costs are eliminated.

Customer retention

When paying, innovative features increase the convenience for the customer, a consistent brand experience is created, while conversion rates and customer lifetime value increase. A completely new insight into the behaviour of your customers offers potential for individual ideas in customer communication.

High realisation rate

Thanks to a convenient payment process, customers pay significantly faster. Fewer open payments increase your collection rate and your liquidity.