collectAI Redaktion

25. May 2020

Live demo: see how tracking your communications facilitates intelligent dunning

Our software helps companies smarten up their dunning processes. But what exactly does that mean? Watch our live demo to find out more. We’ve also added some new features.

Maybe you’ve already asked for a test payment reminder email and text message via our live demo page. If so, you can now experience a new function that gives you an insight into our live tracking feature for intelligent dunning.

“Thanks to the live demo on our website, you can see for yourself how live tracking works. People who are interested in our software can try out a range of features – both digitally and interactively,” explains Head of Product Florian Arrow.

Watching the live demo of our intelligent dunning solution

In three easy steps you can ask for a test payment reminder email and text message, which you can then track.

  1. You’ll find the ‘live demo’ tab in the top right hand corner of our website. Click on it to start the live demo of our debt collection solution.
  2. Enter your details on the online form and click the submit button. Next, a text message and an email from a fictitious brand will be delivered to the email address and telephone number given on the form.
  3. Instead of the contact form you will now see a tracking interface. This page allows you to see all major activities in real-time.
    Our tip:If you like, you can write an answer to the fictitious payment reminder text message. Your message will then also appear on the tracking interface page. Just give it a go!


Read receipts for digital payment reminders and other insights

The live tracking feature forms an integral part of our software platform for digital receivables management. It enables you to track your invoices and payment reminders: Has the payment reminder been successfully sent? Has the email been opened? Has the customer visited the payment page? This is the kind of information you will be able to view.

The collectAI tracking technology for intelligent dunning

Our technology uses tracking pixels. When the payment reminder email is opened, a pixel that has been embedded in the email sends a signal to our system confirming that the email has been read.

It also uses channel specific links. The link in the text message is not the same as the one in the email, although both links take the customer to the payment page. This means that you know which digital channel your customers have used, enabling you to connect to them where they most want to interact with you.

Improving your dunning communication with artificial intelligence

A comprehensive tracking system adds transparency to your receivables process. But that’s not all: you can use the data that you collect to make your processes even more efficient. Which digital channel gets the fastest response from your customer when you send them a payment reminder? At what time of day?

We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate these features into our software. Machine learning algorithms are able to analyse large data sets unsupervised and draw conclusions from that data. In this way, AI continuously improves how you communicate with your customers.

Intelligent dunning: how you benefit

Organisations across a wide range of sectors, including e-commerceinsurance and telecommunications, are already deploying our intelligent receivables management technology. The results are most encouraging: outstanding payments are settled faster, liquidity is higher and costs are lower, to name but three examples.