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21.12.2022 – Insights / Insights

Our formular for an infinitely wonderful Christmas

The formula for happy and peaceful holidays is individual for everyone.
24/7/365, the collectAI platform solves complex tasks with artificial intelligence. For Christmas, we have now defined our formula for endless, wonderful holidays.

08.09.2022 – Insights / Insights

Three questions to... Caleb Lucas

24.03.2022 – Presse

Aareal Bank acquires payment solutions provider CollectAI from Otto Group

Aareal Bank Group has acquired all shares in Collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH (“CollectAI”), a payment solutions provider offering AI-based intelligent invoicing and dunning processes, from Otto Group.

24.03.2022 – Presse

Aareal Bank acquires CollectAI

The Otto Group has agreed to sell Collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH to Aareal Bank Group. A corresponding contract has been signed by both parties, who have mutually agreed not to disclose the purchase price. All current CollectAI employees will be retained under the new ownership.

29.09.2021 – Press / Presse

Digitalization offensive in receivables management: collectAI adds four new modules to Intelligent Payment Platform

Hamburg-based fintech collectAI is expanding the functionality of its Intelligent Payment Platform with four new modules.

06.01.2021 – Insights

Closing the last remaining digital gaps on the payment journey

Germany’s distance retail sector has a long tradition of payment by invoice and among online shoppers it continues to be one of the most popular methods of payment. And why not? At checkout it often appears to be the most convenient option. 

Download our E-Commerce white paper now and discover more.

White paper on digital transformation and customer loyalty among online retailers. Read how to optimise your dunning process to reduce costs, improve implementation and retain customers.

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04.01.2021 – Press / Presse

Working together for more digitization in the energy sector: cooperation between powercloud and collectAI

(Hamburg/Offenburg, 01/04/2021) powercloud, the leading platform provider for energy suppliers, and the fintech company, collectAI, are launching a cooperation. By doing so, they are combining their expertise and offering new added value to energy suppliers. The goal of the cooperation is to digitize energy supplier processes in their entirety – end to end.

30.12.2020 – Insights / Insights

RM Trends for 2021: Personalisation will become a must-have feature

Over the past few years, the entire marketing and advertising industry has been incorporating more and more elements of personalisation into their offerings. And, importantly, scores of companies have committed to using digital touchpoints to engage with their customers, at the best possible point in time, via their preferred channels, using messages specifically tailored to trigger a purchase. When personalisation was still in its infancy, a personal greeting in an email was perceived as revolutionary. Today, that’s taken for granted – as is the personalised customer experience at all touchpoints both in-store and online.

23.12.2020 – Insights / Insights

RM Trends for 2021: Business software will become user-friendlier - at last

The more people become accustomed to iPhones and easy-to-use apps in their everyday lives, the higher their expectations are of the software they use at work. Needless to say, business software is often far more complex – nevertheless, it will need to be made more straightforward to continue to find acceptance among enterprise customers and employees. 

06.10.2020 – Inside

New changelog for software updates: collectAI is constantly developing

As a technology company, we are continuously improving our product. We document all changes here.

22.09.2020 – Artificial Intelligence / Insights

Three things you should know about artificial intelligence

In our AI webinar, Head of Data Mirko Schuh explained how artificial intelligence can support receivables management. Below we present a summary of the main themes covered in the webinar: 

18.08.2020 – Inside

collectAI adopts Net Promoter Score and is thrilled about so much customer loyalty

Intelligent payment solutions provider collectAI is delighted to learn it has so many loyal customers. A recent survey into customer satisfaction and the likelihood of them recommending the company revealed that the Hamburg-based FinTech has more promoters (43 percent) than detractors (3 percent). This means that the company’s first ever Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands at 40 percent.