payment journey
in E-Commerce Interactive invoicing and AI-based dunning inspire customers of online retailers such as OTTO and bonprix

Interactive invoice

The vast majority of German citizens (69%) buy online on account. Why not modernise your billing process now and offer your customers an interactive, digital bill. This will increase your customers’ willingness to pay and, at the same time, improve your company’s cash flow.


Customer Lifetime Value

Growing competition in online retailing is increasing the cost of acquiring new customers. You can also rely on first-class customer service in the event of payment disruptions and thus achieve a higher Customer Lifetime Value.

Limitless sustainability

Online trade does not stop at borders. Neither does our software. Send interactive invoices and reminders via digital channels and reach your customers where they are. With us you save paper and postage, while gaining time and money.

Acer, for example, achieves its realisation rate through digital communication in the payment journey

Interactive invoices

That’s how smart the most popular payment method among Germans can be: On dynamic payment pages in your branding, customers can choose from various digital payment methods to settle the outstanding amount.

With our Select&Pay feature, even returns are child’s play: whether your customers keep or return a product is decided with just one single click. The invoice amount adjusts automatically.

AI transforms payment into a dialogue

Text message, email or letter: Artificial intelligence enables bonprix to reach customers where they are at the best time. Feedback is automatically pre-classified by our AI feature AIr and increases the quality of your support.

Find out more now about how we use artificial intelligence in the payment journey.

Individual product recommendations

Continue the customer journey after payment. On the success page, you can use the collectAI software to make targeted and individual recommendations for further products or content. This is how you increase the Customer Lifetime Value.

Digitize now

Create a simple, digital payment experience with our AI-based software: for a higher success rate, more loyal customer relationships and lower costs.

Interactive invoice

More convenience for your customers, more cash flow for you

Intelligent dunning process

Positive payment experience for your customers, higher realisation rate for you


The all-round carefree package, tailored to your goals