Digital Power
in the dunning process
with energy suppliers Large energy companies like N-ERGIE and enercity are digitizing dunning processes with AI-based technology


Energy in transition

Digitalisation and the energy revolution are causing leading companies to reform their strategies and processes. This also applies to the often manual, analogue processes governing receivables management. Our solutions achieve significant efficiency increases, especially in minor dunning procedures.

Customer loyalty with consistency

Switching between energy suppliers has never been easier for end customers today. Make customer loyalty a priority and strengthen it by way of individual, digital communication. Artificial intelligence makes it possible.

Doubling the realisation rate

N-ERGIE has achieved this through AI-based payment reminders for minor dunning procedures and operational cost accounting.

Fewer customer queries

N-ERGIE has achieved this thanks to intuitive payment pages and digital feedback options.

Digitize the payment journey

The everyday life of your customers is mobile and digital: meet them at eye level with intelligent payment solutions and, thus, create higher customer satisfaction. Smart digitalisation and automation also increase the efficiency of your receivables management.

Communicate digitally

Reach your customers at the perfect time on the ideal channel. Communicate AI-based via text message, email or letter like the energy provider N-ERGIE.

Learn more about how we use artificial intelligence in the payment journey.

Individual payment pages

On the payment page and in a brand presence, your customers settle the outstanding amount with a variety of digital payment options. Queries are made possible by feedback options and offer, for example, the possibility of requesting installment plans.

Thanks to the flexible control of payment options, badenova and sparstrom, for example, offer their customers the most efficient payment methods depending on the dunning level.

Digitize now

Offer your customers a simple, digital payment experience. Learn more about the features of our software.


Greater convenience for your customers, more cash flow for you

dunning process

Positive payment experience for your customers, higher realisation rate for you


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