Telcos have digitized
their receivables management Telecommunications providers such as PŸUR transform return debit notes into a smart dialogue

Telecommunications companies such as PŸUR, for example, use AI-based software to solve return debit notes efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner.

Service in focus

As a result of shorter notice periods and contract terms in future, the issue of customer satisfaction is, more than ever, the focus of telecommunications and Internet providers. At the same time, the latter are performing poorly in terms of customer service.

Focus on customers

Digitization is naturally in the DNA of all telecommunications and Internet providers. Why not prove your digital excellence in customer service with smart solutions. Strengthen the relationship with your customers and benefit from a higher Customer Lifetime Value.

Customer-oriented and AI-based

Using artificial intelligence, PŸUR reaches its customers via text message, email and letter when they can best be reached. Together we automate your processes in such a way that you exceed your goals in receivables management.

Learn more about how we use artificial intelligence along the payment journey.

Payment process in the company’s brand image

A consistent brand image along the entire payment journey creates trust. With intuitive white label payment pages from collectAI, PŸUR offers its customers digital payment and feedback options.

Digitize now

Offer your customers a simple, digital payment experience. Learn more about the features of our software.


Greater convenience for your customers, more cash flow for you

dunning process

Positive payment experience for your customers, higher realisation rate for you


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